With over 8 million people, the Indonesian community abroad represent approximately three percent of the Indonesian population. Indonesian communities are found in all seven continents – North America, South America, Antartica, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Indonesians live, study or work overseas and come from different ethnicities, religions, and levels of economy and education. They come with different ideas, skills and potential.

Further, there are also many overseas companies that have a great interest in, and connection to Indonesia as well. Together, these constituents form the Indonesian diaspora which can be a real force for helping Indonesian development and creating a better world.

By recognizing the potential of an Indonesian diaspora as a social and economic force for a better Indonesia and a better world, members of the Indonesian diaspora organized themselves as a network to connect and unite members of the Indonesian diaspora all over the world under the banner the ” Indonesian Diaspora Network”. The Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) was established as a result of discussions at the Ways Forward Session at the Congress of Indonesian Diaspora (CID) in Los Angeles 2012 and CID II 2013 in Jakarta.

IDN has initiated task force groups to implement some of its flagship caused and advocacies, both in Indonesia and overseas. The task forces include, namely : Immigrant and Citizenship, Migrant Workers, Culinary Heritage and Cultural Promotions, Education and Human Resource Development, Aerospace, Livable Cities, Government Cooperation and Good Governance, Science and Technology.