“We recommend the establishment of a Literary Panel to pick one popular fiction work from Indonesia and one from Australia to be translated into the others language. Furthermore, we recommend an Indonesia-Australia Readers Writers Festival, as well as Australian-Indonesian Music Festival to be implemented”, reported Co-Chairs for the working group on Media, Youth, Social and Culture of the 4th Indonesia-Australia Dialogue, Dr. Suriel Mofu of Indonesia, and Kyle Springer of Australia.

Taking place for two days at the One International Tower building in Sydney, Australia, from 9-10 April 2018, the 4th Indonesia-Australia Dialogue’s programs comprised of an opening plenary, plenary sessions and working groups on four thematic issues namely; the dynamics of bilateral, regional and global developments; promoting a comprehensive strategic partnership; cooperation on innovation and technology, including promoting creative economy; and cooperation on youth, media and culture, aiming at promoting mutual understanding.

“We from the working group on Innovation, Technology and Creative Economy believe that there should be a workspace for start-up developers to collaborate at. Therefore, we recommend our two governments to develop Australia’s concept of “Landing Pads” in several places in Indonesia. Apart from collaboration, such a program will pave opportunities for starts-up developers from Indonesia to work in Australia”, expressed Co-Chairs of the working group, David Ngalusi of Indonesia and Ken Chapman from the Australian side.

Around 16 recommendations in total were concluded by 4 working groups of the 4th Indonesia-Australia Dialogue. These recommendations will then be reported to the two countries governments by the Co-Conveners and Co-Chairs, H.E. Ambassador Hamzah Thayeb of Indonesia and the Hon John Anderson of Australia.

The 4th Indonesia-Australia Dialogue was officially closed by the Co-Chairs of the event. Both agreed in their closing remarks that the Dialogue ran smoothly in a friendly and open manner and were looking forward to moving forward together. “We have everything to gain from a close and trusting Indonesia-Australia relationship, and everything to lose if that relationship drifts”, concluded the Hon John Anderson.

Sydney, 12 April 2018
Team Media
Indonesian Consulate General Sydney